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Things 15 and 16

22 September 2016

Things 15 and 16 go together because the data management plan is a preparation for publishing.

Macquarie is not listed as having data management tools ( but there are instructions on the website:

Create a data management plan

which includes a Word template to fill out, with these headings:


Thing 16 – Dryad again




Thing 13 Walk the crosswalk

22 September 2016

ANDS, for Research Data Australia, faced with the challenge of trying to sort 104 metadata schemas.

What is a crosswalk?

A schema crosswalk is a table that shows equivalent elements (or “fields”) in more than one database schema. It maps the elements in one schema to the equivalent elements in another schema. []

Thing 14 Identifiers and linked data

22 September 2016

The ORCID is the only thing that will go with you throughout your research and professional history and journey.

My personal ORCID is

ORCID is on Twitter
There is a current discussion through that stream about #recognizereview

I am aware of ImpactStory which does take ORCIDs, but that is for software.

Thing 8: Citation metrics for data

20 September 2016

e24cae6fd62d0429bb65193939e1ae29_13Excellent link to NSW grey literature, Haefligers:

This Thing is dealing with Altmetrics, which dear Susan is an expert in and proponent of.

The negative mission statement

20 September 2016
Gloria Kupferman photo

Lifting dahlias

With the change of seasons and the government probably changing colour, it will soon be the season for government departments to be lifted, divided, re-planted in new beds and (in some cases) composted.

If we also have to re-do our departmental mission statement, I would like to put in a plug for the usefulness of the Negative. Negative goals may make the workers a bit depressed, perhaps a bit unmotivated, but they are I think much easier to achieve than the upbeat, unlimited, positive goals that usually spring, defying reality, from the external communications department.

Here is my list of important negative goals that I would like to see feed into any revision of a department’s mission statement.

  1. Don’t do anything that could kill or harm a stakeholder.
  2. Don’t do anything that will make the public so cross they organise against you and go on ‘Stateline’.
  3. Don’t do anything that you can’t plausibly explain to ICAC.
  4. Don’t hide the fact that any individual’s interaction with a department is going to cost one of the parties some money, and it won’t be the government.

Thing 11 Productivity Tools

20 September 2016

What is Workflowy?

Workflowy is hugely simple. It is a to-do list in a hierarchical style, which allows the user to zoom in to see just the set of jobs under a bullet point, and also share this targeted subset of tasks with others via a secret shared link.You can choose whether or not to get an emailed update every morning of what you have changed.

The interface is a plain blank screen, and the business model is the one where the developers charm you with a completely functional free version until you love it so much you pay for the Pro version. It operates intuitively, doing one thing well.

The simplicity is not only a functional selling point – who wants to have to add ‘Learn how to use to-do list’ to a to-do list?

A similar but not so nicely designed to-do app is Wunderlist, where it is also possible to share your to-dos as long as you link your account to your Facebook account – making it easier to plan events, excursions, etc.


RescueTime was the other application that caught my interest among the list for Thing 11, related perhaps to the Quantified Self movement.

Thing 5: Data sharing

20 September 2016