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Taking my lead from ‘Developing a focus’ on digitaldialogues, I started this ‘Learning & e-learning’ weblog as:

a journal of [my] learning – including informed comments and opinions

I am currently reflecting on subjects I am studying for a masters degree in e-learning:

  • e-learning experiences, models and theories I
  • research perspectives
  • discourse analysis
  • change and learning
  • e-learning design and technologies.

Part of my personal learning environment

I am undertaking this study into e-learning and noting things on this blog because

  • I want to KNOW more about the things I care about
  • I want to prepare for a research degree next year
  • I can use it to inform my current paid work
  • I can use it as a qualification/evidence for when I change jobs

I am currently skilling up so I can support my colleagues to build their capacity in electronic and print publishing.

When I do change jobs, I would be interested to explore being

  • a museum educator, working in the publishing area of a cultural institution, or
  • a teaching and learning support officer in the university sector,

both roles I have greatly enjoyed in the past. Perhaps I can work towards becoming one of these ‘possible selves’?

[ref: Markus, H & Nurius, P 1986, ‘Possible selves’, American Psychologist, 41, pp. 954-969]

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