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Peeling the PEEL

29 May 2015

Presenter: Dr Sally Humphrey

Linguistics Research Seminar series, University of Sydney

Prior to her departure to present on the  model in New York (and Aachen?), Sally discussed how different disciplines can make use of PEEL, a strategy for explaining paragraph construction where P: Point, E: Evidence, E: Elaboration, L: Link to the main argument

Her work with teachers from different secondary subjects has confirmed the productiveness of the analysis. She pointed in particular to its usefulness in making explicit the grammar of ‘explaining’ sentences to (firstly) staff teaching industrial design, where the curriculum demands a leap from early years’ description of the process to a critical evaluation of the product in senior years.

Additional reading

Humphrey, S., & Economou, D. (2015). Peeling the onion – A textual model of critical analysis. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 37-50.

Relevance to the study

No direct relevance to the study, this seminar provided an update and expansion on work of long-standing interest.

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