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Getting ready to storyboard – course description

13 January 2015
mass of students

Students at Vietnam moratorium demonstration outside the quadrangle of Sydney University, 1971

Here are the characteristics of the course I need to storyboard for our OOC in storyboarding for learning design. I have presented it as a ‘listicle‘. I will be teaching it in just under a month.

Course description: Higher education, its contexts and issues

Main topic: Higher education, its trends and its challenges Duration: 30 hours – this is the orientation and issue-raising sequence for a standard course allocation of 150 hours which include doing the assignments Target audience: academics and academic-related professional staff Age range: 25-70 Location: online, with some optional face-to-face workshops chiefly to master some software (Mahara) Motivation: These participants want to improve their tertiary teaching in general and perhaps address a particular problem or opportunity in their teaching situation. Educational background: Highly qualified in their academic area of expertise and/or in vocational experience, some participants had little background in education when they commenced this program one or two years ago but going into this course they typically have already completed half of a certificate in tertiary teaching. Digital literacy skills: can vary; a general discussion of preferences and skills is often part of the face-to-face workshop

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