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Thing 10 – Social bookmarking

19 January 2013
Fish eye graph

Detail from a graph of citations from one important paper (from Citeology)

The MOOC I am currently doing (from Online Learning Design Studio, the #OLDSMOOC) recommends using another social bookmarking tool, Bibsonomy. This is a great tool for the MOOC and, while I don’t think I’ve tagged anything yet, it is pleasant to use – perhaps most simply because its tight, 2-column display gives you a better sense of just how thick and integrated the resources that people are tagged for the course are.

(A purpose-built tagged bibliography is I think a great addition to a course: it would have been a  good help for me in the 5-day course I have just finished on social network analysis, to see the methodology at work in different disciplines and contexts.)

In the past I have used both Delicious and Diigo, much preferring the old Delicious, because Diigo’s annotation and highlighting features are largely wasted on me – I usually just want to not lose track of a good page, so I just tag it and move on. But I am a big Diigo user now.

Kate’s question about mobile devices was a good one: I can see Diigo has specific browsers for the different devices, and if I used a mobile device I think I would use Diigo even more, given that you can really only look at one thing at a time (on my laptop, I usually leave many tabs open while I am thinking and working through a topic: at the moment I have 30 tabs open, including this one).

And now I can close it. Thing well!

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  1. 23 January 2013 8:13 pm

    Ha ha. I love hearing that other people have stacks and stacks of tabs and pages open – it’s very tricky sometimes when you want to shut down and run out the door…there are days when I don’t quite know how I opened so many tabs!
    I moved to Diigo when it looked like Delicious was closing down a few years back. I don’t tend to share my bookmarks, i tend to share that sort of thing through email or twitter.
    Would be useful to share.use with a specific course.
    How many MOOCs have you done now?
    I am hoping to start another one next week –

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