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Thing 06 – All things Google

4 December 2012
vineyard sculpture

Inscription by Ian Marr with Guy Warren

I use Google Drive for many private and work purposes: for example, I have a folder called ‘LEO helps’, where I upload forms and other strange bits and pieces, and which contains a long document where I add tips and instructions for how to do unusual things in LEO, like inserting a table of contents or enrolling students in bulk. I share this with my colleagues, in case it is of help to them.

I also find it is more convenient to upload documents for presentation or training to Google Drive than to carry them around on a USB stick (even I can’t mislay the Internet.)

Other Google things

I agree with our Thing Commander** that it is well worth doing the Power Searching course: it is also the only MOOC that I have managed, so far, to complete, even getting a certificate. The man from Google who taught us, Daniel M Russell, a Senior Research Scientist, was so calm and friendly, while notably systematic.

For something new today I would like to find out about the other buttons on Google Scholar, and go beyond just searching within the literature.

Google Scholar

Along with many colleagues, we are at the AARE conference this week and I have been attending as many sessions on academic publishing as I can, because we are soon to launch the Australasian Journal of Learning and Teaching (our focus is emerging issues from emerging contexts, if you want to know. Pitch us a paper!)

The conference has helped me learn more about journal review processes, and the impact factor, but I can’t yet understand the Hirsch factor that underlies Google Scholar Metrics. What I do find interesting, and would like to know if we are implementing as well as we should, is Google Scholar’s information on how to get academics’ papers into its database (Inclusion guidelines for webmasters): it’s highly doable. Let’s do it!

** Or do you like this better, kabunker?

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  1. 6 December 2012 3:25 pm

    Mmmmm ThingMistress or ThingCommander – so much choice 🙂
    You can call me either…..

    the h factor – have you read our Library Guide? – it has a part of the h factor?
    I really enjoyed the Google Power Searching as well – he was a very reassuring trainer wasn’t he?

    I think you should talk to Kerrie Burn our Research LIbrarian about Google Scholar as well…
    great post!

  2. 6 December 2012 3:26 pm

    Forgot to say the main thing!!
    I love that IT Crowd episode!!!!! So very funny. Love Jen!

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