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Volte face

24 March 2010

No longer duelling (Flickr, time stood still)

A friend has just asked for a recommendation for some collaborative writing tools and I find that I have done a complete 360 from this time last year when I felt that wikis were the tools of Satan and authorship was a precious treasure to be guarded as zealously as Tony Abbott’s daughters.
I am quite happy now to open up a document to all comers and take any comments up into its skeleton as well as its hide.
Where you really want an output, as opposed to just collaborating for the hell of it, I can see that a collaborative writing plan, like this one from a university instructional design team, is very important. The team completed their plan, reviewing the strengths and applications of 3 tools. It is fascinating to see how much has changed since the team’s review of exactly a year ago:

  1. One tool was Buzzword, which I had never heard of: an Adobe product, it has now been taken up into
  2. Another tool which has in the past sounded more like a superdooper whiteboard (Etherpad), has been bought up by Google (so we must presume it was a quality product)
  3. and Google docs, which was what I started to recommend to my friend.
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