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Creative behaviours

4 July 2009

Reluctantly returning Sticky Wisdom to the library (WhatIf! 2002, Sticky wisdom, Capstone Publishing, Oxford) and hoping I can remember the six creative behaviours it describes:

  1. Freshness
  2. Greenhousing
  3. Realness
  4. Momentum
  5. Signalling
  6. Courage

Freshness comes from re-expressing ideas in alternative words, using different senses, or describing a situation from someone else’s perspective. Ideas can come from related worlds – other businesses, other people with related expertise; or from the worlds of nature, science or history. Freshness can be generated by a revolution in thinking: making yourself aware of the rules confining your thought, and then deliberately breaking them: revolution comes when you exaggerated, oppose, reduce, and reverse the rules and assumptions, asking yourself questions like:

  • what if we did nothing?
  • what if it had to cost half as much?
  • what if people bought twice as much?
  • what if we reversed the process?
  • what if we exaggerated the issue?

Freshness can also come from following a random link, a link between your problem and a completely random idea.

Greenhousing is suspending judgement, understanding, and nurturing; building the idea so you can see where the person is coming from; seeking value; and finding an angle that might bring further ideas.

Realness builds ideas and prototypes; makes momentum; engages emotions; and invites everyone’s comments. The book suggests making it real with a video, a radio play, a huge picture, no words or numbers, buying the next best thing, getting customers to draw what they want, having your customer’s environment in your office. The key messages, in making it real, are no limits, encourage imperfection, share your realness, don’t think, just leap.

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