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4 July 2009

Starting to learn Camtasia Studio now and reviewing the short video that a colleague made to explain how to use a new interface on the web publishing system.

He hasn’t made many videos so far. Sadly, when he asked me to review this how-to, he skewed my viewpoint somewhat by lamenting the number of ‘ums’ it took for him to introduce just a couple of concepts, and he suggested I could try recording it again to get it a bit smoother.

I doubt I would be able to do this without a pretty detailed script. I also agree with him that the more informal the audio style, the more friendly and accessible he will appear to new users. We are keen on making sure everyone feels comfortable about ringing us for extra help or giving us feedback on the training materials.

So, I thought I would check out what kind of audio-over was best for learning.

Now, I have more questions:

  • What is the recommended size for internal videos? What is the best attention length?
  • Should we include date-able stuff? I’d like the intro to feature a visual of the speaker, but suppose he leaves the staff tomorrow? Does the video date more when we have both his face and his voice?
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