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All over the place

3 June 2009

E-learning doesn’t happen in just one place, and part of the work this semester has been to try and choose ways to round up current information and be able to check it over as we run it through the drafting race looking for viable, fertile ideas and knowledge culls. Twitter has been good for that, and seems to have become increasingly an awareness service, not a directed communication method (‘Twitter is not so much about connecting with your friends, it’s about broadcasting information’ Mashable, 2 June 2009).

Retaggr is an example of another way to corrall the mob of social networking sites. My Retaggr business card highlights the tools where I have profiles:

Not all networking sites emphasise profiles. As part of my e-learning experiences, I have also signed up to:

  • PeopleBrowsr – this Twitter client has gone from pre-alpha to nearly version 1.0 while we have been studying E-learning experiences. Like Retaggr, it offers links with other social networking sites. (I also use TwitterFox, of course.)
  • WeeWorld – for when I’d like an avatar with my dog in it! (Otherwise I use Gravatar)
  • Daytum – data visualiser/diary
  • and got myself a virtual classroom on Elluminate

I have greatly enjoyed some key new tools:

  • EndNote – truly wonderful clipboard/notetaker, data is not for sharing, but synchronised to the server or left on the hard disk as you wish
  • Slideshare, of course
  • and Scribd
  • Netvibes – I did find it a bit slow to load on my rural connections, and anyway, I prefer
  • Feedly – which is perfectly entwined with Google Reader, and since Gmail is my main personal organiser, I am always signed in.
  • Zotero – it’s a Firefox add-in as well as a sharing site, to organise bibliographic sources and notetaking. I can’t see much sharing activity in the topics I am interested in, but version 2 is, like EndNote, synchronised to the server so I have high hopes for its usefulness to me in the next little while.

This semester I have also reacquainted myself with

  • Plaxo some friends are on it, and
  • Second Life – I joined up as myself, and as my husband – radically different experience entering as a newbie female and a newbie male, as far as whether people talk to you or not!

On the macro-level, I have learned something of Nings, of course; some tricky skills with whatever Wiki language Wikispaces is in (must find that out sometime); and I am feeling pretty damn smart because I installed WordPress on the husband‘s second web server. Only 1 post so far, but once these assignments are finished … Hoy!

And I tried but failed with

  • Faviki
  • Shareaholic – just haven’t got myself ready to use it, and
  • Digg – only dugg 1 thing so far.

But that’s what happens, I suppose, when you’re all over the place.

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  1. katetracy permalink
    3 June 2009 8:01 pm

    Great reflection Penny. And food for new explorations too.

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