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New brain extension

17 May 2009

Happy to learn that my brain is not inexorably wearing out, but rather has a capacity of reshaping itself and is indeed characterised by its vigorous plasticity (see, for example, Norman Doidge, The Brain that Changes Itself, or,
All in the Mind, The Power of Plasticity, 13 September 2008 (Norman Doidge and Jeffrey Schwartz)

If, however, I still need some assistance I will gratefully turn to Wolfram|Alpha, the newly available computational knowledge engine which will answer the vague queries of my ageing mind with crisp and precise information.

The program is only just launched, and I was interested to see the related links for my query on Australia’s population (below). What is it we share with such semantic decisiveness with Libya?

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  1. Prue permalink
    20 May 2009 7:05 pm

    I am interested in this concept of the plasticity of the brain, with my focus on meditation and it’s positive effects…I volunteered at the Happiness and it’s Causes conference last week and was able to see Norman Doidge present on this concept – it was great! 🙂

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