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E-portfolio or PLN

10 May 2009

Stephen Downes convinced me to do personal knowledge publishing, but I am just clarifying in my own mind what this actually looks like, and what format(s) I would use.

Initially I was happy with the helpful and platform-neutral overview of the components of an e-portfolio developed by Jeremy Hiebert on his instructional design and technology blog

overview eportfolio
but I see that he himself wasn’t happy with it, and has ‘zoomed out’ from this model to take in e-portfolios as part of Personal Learning Environment. This model (below) takes into account the ‘2.0’ orientation, by showing how your life of learning links into the networks of the people with similar interests, be they colleagues, mentors, gurus or students: the personal learning environment must be characterised by “social context, multiple tools, free/open, learner-owned and controlled”. He has also doubled his trigger points by emphasising ‘learning’ as well as ‘doing’ activities, broadening the whole field.

These models were sketched in early 2006, and, while others are citing them, Jeremy himself seems content with this second model – although, looking at his site, perhaps he, like the rest of the edtech community, has shifted focus. His instructional design blog entries are tapering off, while his personal and photographic blogs are flourishing – the result of adding 3 beautiful children to his own PLN?

personal learning environment diagram

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  1. Prue permalink
    20 May 2009 7:02 pm

    I like this diagram of the personal learning environment.

  2. 29 May 2011 7:43 am

    Jeremy Hiebert’s instructional design blog seems to have come to a natural end now and he is concentrating on photography.

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