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New experiences, new words

24 April 2009

C is for chaordic path

The chaordic path is a term from the Art of Hosting framework, which is an approach to community engagement. If you want to create something new, you have to step into the space between chaos and order – the chaordic path is a controlled way along chaotic stepping stones

The Chaordic Path from Ravi Tangri on Vimeo.

D is for dark blogs

A dark blog is either
1. a blog behind the corporate firewall, unavailable to the public, but speeding up internal communications (What are dark blogs?)
2. a blog for some kind of corporate crisis, like a PR disaster, setting ready to activate (Shel Holtz, A Shel of my Former Self, 18/09/2008)

M is for machinima, and Metaverse

This video
is a tour by Gary Hayes through the universe of virtual worlds:

Metaverse: Multiple metagalaxy systems linked into a perceived virtual universe, although not existing on a central server.

Morningstar and Farmer

machinima are animation movies made via a 3-D graphics application such as the real time engines behind virtual worlds like Second Life or platform games. The footage from these virtual environments is then edited and usually distributed in normal video formats. The word is a mixture of machine / anime / cinema.

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