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Comparing wiki products

3 April 2009

Our Internal Communications Manager at work is running a pilot program to work out which social media tools to install on our network.

She is auditioning Confluence, Deki Wiki, and Tiki Wiki. Here is my feedback, to respond to her request for info for her business case:

I am especially interested in your feedback on usability/ease of use, as it will be a key factor in driving adoption after implementation.

For a full comparison, see

Deki Wiki

Starting off, it is not obvious how to start editing the page – why can’t I just click in the page and start editing? Once you save, you have to hit the Edit page button all over again to continue to change the page.

The ‘save’ button is positioned on the main formatting bar, and to the far left, which is non-standard.

I don’t like the way the formatting bar slides up and down the page above the content.

I don’t think I can change the appearance of the heading styles.

The time zone is not set to Australia, but to, for example, Reykjavik. This makes it hard to work out when a page was last edited. (perhaps just our install)

The ‘add hyperlink’ dialog box stumps you momentarily – you have to select the text you have highlighted and replace it with the URL

It doesn’t seem to do tables of contents (it took out my name^anchor HTML), but there is a navigation icon that shows the heading outlines in the top right of the screen (image below)


Smileys are a prominent feature on the toolbar.

Check out Challborn and Reimann – but it is from July 2005

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  1. 12 April 2009 1:15 am

    I’m not sure how much use it is to you, but I have used confluence for a previous project, and use it at work now. I was investigating something similar in my old job too, I may have saved some stuff to my delicious tags if you search them for confluence? (my delicious is delicious/sbg00sbg by the way).
    I can’t make too much comment on the others, but I quite like confluence, despite finding it a bit daunting at first. From vague memory, I think there are some good case studies out there telling you what it can do, and what it can integrate with, it’s pretty powerful.
    Let us know how you go with things. I hope implementing a wiki helps with collaboration efforts and the like 🙂

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