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Advice from blogging experts

1 April 2009

We learned some core guidelines on how to write our blog from the digitaldialogues wiki. Here are some more comments on how to blog, gathered from the book: Banks, M.A. 2008, Blogging heroes: interviews with 30 of the world’s top bloggers, John Wiley & Sons, Indianapolis. [See Google Books or the publisher’s page.]

Some comments were reiterated by many of these pioneer bloggers:

  • Choose a niche topic you are passionate about and know about and stay true to it: if you’re not passionate, it will very clearly show.
  • Focus on your topic.
  • Raise your profile by posting to other, related blogs.
  • Connect with other bloggers in the community who share your areas of interest
  • Be prepared to commit a lot of time and energy to blogging.

Practical advice from the writer of

Write a good headline, accurate rather than cute or clever. When you make a post, do a little summary of what is in the headline, because a lot of people read blogs through RSS and go to the headline first to see what’s going on.

From the blogger who invented the concept of the ‘Long Tail’, Chris Anderson:

Blogs are wildly imperfect, and therein lies their beauty, because they are wildly authentic.

and from the same man, this is my favourite:

Blogging is a Turing test for humanity.

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