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Direct from the CEO

13 March 2009

Busy today trying to find examples of public blogs from executives in the agricultural science field.

This task shows our workplace is in the same frame of mind as, say:

I failed, pretty much, to find an example of what we were seeking. The Chief Scientist of Australia, (photo at right) has a very stylish but concise website, but only media releases, no blog.

I did find, however, one inspiring and beautiful site, which I thumpingly entered into Delicious, authored by a high ranking public officer. The Governor-General of Canada, Her Excellency Michaëlle Jean, contributes to ‘citizen voices‘, her own blog, shared with her husband, and all the people of Canada. From the faqs to the site:

The Governor General will be able to share her impressions and comments on meetings or trips she has had or on specific files. Canadians will be able to comment on each of her posts, which may lead to a new forum if the topic sparks a strong reaction.

It is really a good effort of its kind, albeit with a regal flavour – and the subtitle to the blog makes me cry a bit, ‘ breaking down solitudes’

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