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Social learning

8 March 2009

‘e-learning’ colleagues who have also undertaken or are studying ‘Research Perspectives’ would have leapt with joy to see the summary in Cornford’s ‘Social learning’ chapter of Bandura’s model:

Elements of cognitive, information processing, social, and behavioural psychology theories are reconciled in a model embodying what is essentially a constructivist approach to learning where individuals makes [sic] choices and are actively engaged in making meaning of the world surrounding them.

Ref: Cornford 1999, p.76

except Crotty (1998) would point out that constructivism is not an ‘approach’, but an epistemology (Crotty 1998, p. 3).

Luckily, Crotty and Cornford agree on what constructivism is (compare the above definition with Crotty 1998, p. 58).

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  1. Jo Finlay permalink
    10 March 2009 9:34 pm

    I am not sure I am qualified to comment on constructivism or epistemology. I am interested though in social media from a range of perspectives – including that of the user and the designer.

    At the social media conference I attended last week, the Director of Questacon made 3 main points:
    • We are living in a beta world; trying to find delivery mechanisms for different audiences
    • The change from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 is a change from being an expert to a facilitator
    • The question is: What will success look like?

    Combine this with the move to Web 3.0 with ‘me’-centric semantics, and there are some interesting questions for e-learning. Not sure if I am making 100% sense, but there seems to be a need for the ‘me’ who is doing the learning to be self-directed, sure of one’s own judgement and have the knowledge to discern value in content. But is that just the ‘serious me’ who is thinking?

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